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Fishing conditions – Plodový pond

Valid for the season from 1 April 2023 to 29 October 2023


Always register with the facility manager or present a valid license before fishing. Upon registration, you will be required to pay the deposit at the specified amount. This deposit shall be charged when fishing is finished. After the end of fishing you are obliged to pay the purchase price of the fish kept by you according to the price list. You are also required to present your baggage to the facility manager for inspection at the end of the fishery.


Price of license for 1 angler (including VAT):

Licensevaliditylicense priceamount of deposit
Single day from morning to evening according to opening hours 300,- Kč  500,- Kč 
Night from evening to morning according to opening hours 400,- Kč  1000,- Kč 
All-day from morning to morning according to opening hours or from evening to evening according to opening hours 500,- Kč  1000,- Kč 
Three days three consecutive days including two nights according to opening hours 850,- Kč  1500,- Kč 
Seven days seven consecutive days including six nights according to opening hours  1500,- Kč  2000,- Kč 
Seasonal All season including nights according to opening hour 3900,- Kč  0,- Kč 

The license is not transferable to another person. Fishing is allowed for a maximum of two rods.

Please note that from  28.6.2023 21:00 to 29.7.2023 20:00 the pond area will be closed to all fishermen, including seasonal ones, due to a private event.

In the case of a government regulation that would prevent any further sport fisching on the Pond during the season,  no compensation can be claimend against our company for the purchased allowances.



Hygiene measures

All visitors, whether it is an osboy fishing with a fish or accompanying persons, must must comply with current anti-epidemic measures in connection with the covid-19 disease resulting from regulation of the Government of the Czech Republic:

If you do not respect any of the above measures, you will be forfeited from the authorization and the right to continue fishing and you must leave the pond area immediately.



Fish price list (including VAT):

  • carp, amur – 75 CZK/Kg
  • trout – 160 CZK/Kg
  • brook torut - 160,- Kč/kg
  • tench – 120 CZK/Kg
  • sturgeon – 300 CZK/Kg
  • zander – 300 CZK/Kg

When catching a carp, amur, tench and sturgeon, you can immediately release these fish back into the water. If you want to keep them, you will pay these fish according to the price list after fishing. However, it is forbidden to exchange the fish in the fishnet.

When catching trout and zander it is forbidden to release these fish back into water and you are obliged to have the fish weighed and pay according to the price list after the end of fishing.


General principles

  • Fishing is allowed only in the defined area, a maximum of two leaders are allowed per rod. You are required to use single jiggers without counterbarbs (the jiggers may have a counterbarb compressed or broken).
  • The choice of bait is not restricted, spinning is prohibited, adequate freebaiting is allowed.
  • Capital pieces of carp (over 6 kg or over 60 cm of total length), amur (over 80 cm) and sturgeon (over 10 kg or over 120 cm) must be released immediately into the water.
  • Pike perch(zander) is defended until 15.6.2023. Pike perch fishing is possible from 16.6.2023 
  • When handling live fish, the angler must operate in such a way that the fish is not subject to undue pain, suffering or damage. In particular, you must not put your fingers under the gills, push your fingers into the eyecups and always soak your hands in the water when handling the fish.
  • If you find that you are unable to return the fish to water, or if you find that the fish are showing signs of damage or disease when caught ashore, you must immediately contact the facility manager for assistance.
  • The angler can build a bivouac or a smaller tent to serve as a shelter, making a fire only in agreement with the facility manager.
  • The angler is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in its angling place.
  • The angler is obliged to withstand any possible maintenance of grass areas (mowing) and all maintenance work that may be carried out on Monday and Tuesday during fishing.
  • The angler must be equipped with a plate for handling fish and use this plate when catching the fish.


If you do not respect any of the above principles, your license ant the right to continue fishing will be forfeited.


Opening hours

1. 4. 2023 – 27. 4. 2023 od 6:00 do 20:00 ----------
28.4. 2023 – 31. 7. 2023 od 5:00 do 21:00 od 20:00 do 6:00
1. 8. 2023 – 31. 8. 2023 od 5:30 do 20:30 od 19:30 do 6:30
1. 9. 2023 – 30. 9. 2023 od 6:00 do 19:30 od 18:30 do 7:00
1. 10. 2023 – 29.10. 2023 od 7:00 do 18:30 od 17:30 do 8:00




Rybářství Lipnice a.s., Lipnice 20, 380 01 Český Rudolec

Company Registration No.:  49969111 VAT ID: CZ49969111

Facility manager: +420 722 050 197

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