The Plodový pond is located in the heart of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands north of the village of Řásná (map) at an altitude of 630 m asl and its water area is 7.6 ha. Sport fishing has been organized on the pond since 2004. There are well-kept grass areas ready for catching fish. The pond is permanently attended during the season (telephone: 722 050 197) and all the requisites required to set up an angling license can therefore be handled on the spot. The fishing season usually starts on 1 April and extends until mid-November. The pond fishes are composed of carp (size 2.5 - 18 kg), liver (3 - 12 kg), trout (0.3 - 6 kg), tench (0.3 - 1.5 kg), amur (1.5 - 7 kg), zander (0.5 - 4 kg).

The pond is fished every year and during the season. All fishing details are governed by the "Code of Conduct for Catching Fish for the Plodový Pond", the current version of which can be found in the section Sport Fishing – Plodový Pond. Near the pond (about 300 m) there is a camp where accommodation in bungalows and catering facilities can be found on site. Please note that grassland is regularly maintained every Monday (fishing being maintained).

Dear fishermen, please note that sport fishing on the Plodový pond will be suspended until further notice!

This is a reaction to a coronavirus epidemic. People from all over the country come to us and the capacity exceeds 30 people. Although the current government regulations do not yet require us to close down operations, we have decided to temporarily close fishing on the pond and thus contribute to protecting the health of our customers and employees. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and the obligations imposed on us by the Government of the Czech Republic.

Thank you for your understanding


Fishing conditions – Plodový pond

Valid for the season from 1 April 2020 to 1 November 2020


Always register with the facility manager or present a valid license before fishing. Upon registration, you will be required to pay the deposit at the specified amount. This deposit shall be charged when fishing is finished. After the end of fishing you are obliged to pay the purchase price of the fish kept by you according to the price list. You are also required to present your baggage to the facility manager for inspection at the end of the fishery.


Price of license for 1 angler (including VAT):

Licensevaliditylicense priceamount of deposit
Single day from morning to evening according to opening hours 200,- Kč  500,- Kč
Night from evening to morning according to opening hours 200,- Kč 500,- Kč
All-day from morning to morning according to opening hours or from evening to evening according to opening hours 350,- Kč 500,- Kč
Three days three consecutive days including two nights according to opening hours (sale only from May to October) 600,- Kč 1000,- Kč
Seven days  seven consecutive days including six nights according to opening hours (saĺe only from Myy to October) 900,- Kč 1500,- Kč
Seasonal All season including nights according to opening hours 2800,- Kč 0,- Kč

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